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Aged Chrome

Clawfoot and Freestanding

A visually complex finish using actual chrome particles to emulate the appearance of aged metal. Protected with a clear lacquer for no maintenance, aged chrome is easy to clean and does not change as the finish ages.

Living Finish

Clawfoot and Freestanding

Zinc, copper, or brass; these hand burnished finishes will slowly tarnish and form a beautiful patina with exposure to water and humidity creating a unique finish that is as much the product of its environment as it is of manufacturing.

Polished Nickel

Clawfoot and Freestanding

A striking, reflective, highly polished nickel metal exterior accentuated by the tub's natural casting marks. Protected with four layers of beeswax, polished nickel is simple to maintain and will only tarnish very slowly.

Polished Stainless


A reflective, highly polished, mirror-like top grade stainless steel exterior with no imperfections. Very simple to maintain and does not change noticeably with age.

Natural Burnished

Clawfoot and Freestanding

A natural iron bare metal exterior with visible mold markings and imperfections unique to each tub. Hand burnishing brings out the best in the tub's natural cast iron, protected with a clear lacquer requiring no maintenance. Does not alter noticeably with age.

Polished Zinc

Clawfoot and Freestanding

A silvery, reflective and highly polished zinc metal exterior similar in appearance to polished stainless with only a few visible casting marks. Protected with four layers of beeswax, Polished Zinc changes minimally with age.

Polished Brass

Clawfoot and Freestanding

A rich, highly polished brass metal exterior with only a few visible casting marks. Protected with four layers of beeswax this finish changes very slowly. Unwanted tarnish and markings may be removed by hand polishing if they appear.

Aged Copper

Clawfoot and Freestanding

Starting with a bare copper metal exterior, aging techniques are performed by hand to achieve a complex and varied patina. This finish is then protected with beeswax and will continue to age very slowly.

Polished Copper

Clawfoot and Freestanding

A highly reflective polished copper metal exterior with a colorful pinkish hue. Protected with four layers of beeswax, this finish changes very slowly as it ages.

Polished Nickel Exterior

We bond layer upon layer of nickel onto the exterior surface of the tub before sanding and polishing to a mirror finish. Many original marks from the cast iron molding process will be visible and they add greatly to the character of each individual bathtub. For appearance and ease of cleaning, each tub exterior is finish protected with four layers of natural beeswax. While the natural metal finish may alter in color and patina during it's lifetime, in polished nickel, any change will occur extremely slowly and will be imperceptible from day to day.

Living Finishes

Our fabulous 'Living Finish' tubs will patinate and evolve in harmony with their room environment. Penhaglion offers these beautiful, organic soft metal exterior cast iron tub finishes in zinc, copper and brass. They are available throughout our entire range of bathtubs, from clawfoot to freestanding.

About Penhaglion

Should you wish to see one of our tubs in person, we welcome visitors to our facility. We sell to the trade and direct to end users.

We ship Worldwide and our products SHIP FREE with curbside drop-off within the 48 contiguous states of the USA and major metro areas in Canada. Should you require delivery outside this area, we will be pleased to quote a price upon request.

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Our Customers

Our bathtub is a piece of art. Service was prompt, efficient, and personal. Hard to imagine my house without it.

AB Mendham, NJ

Beautiful tub! Exactly the look we wanted. Our contractor lost the drain plug and Tesh responded to my email immediately and fed ex'd a new one the day he received my email-beyond impressed!

KR O'Fallon, IL

Beautiful tub. Absolutely no issues with delivery or setup. We could not be more pleased. Tesh and the Penhaglion staff were professional and a joy to work with.

JT Mooresville, NC