Penhaglion, Inc. Company Info
Beautiful Artisan Crafted Bathtubs

A little bit about Penhaglion.

Penhaglion is neither the vision of one woman nor one man. Our quest for beautiful design with exceptional quality is borne from the multi-cultural backgrounds of our like-minded founders.

We draw ideas from our birth origins in Europe, USA, North Africa and India.

Our designs are grounded on the fabulous sights we have seen on our travels from Marrakesh to Venice, from Shanghai to Paris, from Bombay to San Francisco and from many other stops in between.

Everywhere we go, we see beautiful works of art, these our inspiration.

  • We design, develop and produce a range of exclusive bathtubs from our own manufacturing facility in Saint Petersburg, Florida USA.
  • Our skilled artisans are totally versatile, working in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper.
  • We are expert finishers in all media and also offer a full range of gilded options.
  • We source our enameled cast iron tub shells from various suppliers throughout the World.
  • Many of these tub shell designs are exclusive to Penhaglion and are available to no other retailer.
  • We work with clients to offer what they want and we are versatile enough in our fabrication to make bespoke tubs to suit client requirements.
  • Not only do we sell to professionals, we sell direct to consumers as well.
  • We ship worldwide