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Article 4: What faucet mounting should I use on my clawfoot tub? -December 9, 2016

There are two very traditional tub faucets available for your clawfoot tub. These would be a gooseneck and an elephant spout (commonly referred to as English Telephone Style). There are also many ways to mount these, from the wall, from the floor, from the deck on the tub (not all tubs have deck areas) or even from a deck sitting next to the tub. Most faucets on sale today will be adaptable for all these mountings, you would just require the accompanying connector.

Wall mounted faucets connect to decorative sockets that protrude from hot and cold lines that run inside the wall. Things to remember with these is the distance from the wall to the edge of the spout to make sure it comfortably reaches into your tub. If it doesn’t, you will find that most suppliers will be able to offer you extension pieces to allow the faucet to flow inside the rim of the tub.

Floor mounts are probably the most versatile of all the fittings. The floor mounted faucet can be positioned anywhere around the edge of the tub, in front, in the back, on the side etc. One thing to remember is to buy a faucet that is truly rigid when assembled and does not need additional support from the wall or the tub drain.

Deck mounts can be attached to decks that are on the bathtub. Since not all tubs have deck mount areas on them a decorative deck next to the tub can also work well.

Most common hot and cold center distances for clawfoot tub faucets are 7 inches and 3 and 3/8 inches. However, some manufacturers supply 6 inch and 8 inch center faucets. This is important to know before the plumbing rough-in as it will determine where your plumber runs his hot and cold lines. If the rough-in does turn out to be incorrect, most suppliers will have adjustable center arms that allow for this discrepancy.