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Below are printer friendly specification sheets for all of Penhaglion's products.
All Tubs

The Regency61
The Stratford61
The Waverley61
The Woodspring61
The Pershore68
The Westminster68
The Bardsey68
The Lindisfarne68
The Newminster68
The Whitby68
The Westminster59
The Pershore59
The Brinkburn61
The Bridlington59 The Bridlington59
The Thornton68
The Lindisfarne73
The Bridlington73 The Bridlington73
The Chesterton73 The Chesterton73
The Sibton73 The Sibton73
The Chesterton66 The Chesterton66
The Kelso67 The Kelso67
The Colchester67
The Easby57
The Easby57
The Newstead54 The Newstead54
The Lanercost73 The Lanercost73
The Dudley73 The Dudley73
The CathrynAdele73 The CathrynAdele73
The Cardigan73 The Cardigan73
The Dunstable73 The Dunstable73
The Cardigan66
The Cardigan66
The Rufford73 The Rufford73
The Croylan61
The Welbeck73 The Welbeck73
The Croxden73 The Croxden73
The Salisbury73 The Salisbury73
The Whitby73 The Whitby73
The Pershore73 The Pershore73
The Woburn73 The Woburn73
The Nautica68 The Nautica68
The Landon68 The Langdon68
The Charterhouse68 The Charterhouse68
The Romsey68 The Romsey68
The Boxgrove73 The Boxgrove73
The Glastonbury73 The Glastonbury73
The Hexham73 The Hexham73
The Wokingham73 The Wokingham73
The Sandringham68 The Sandringham68
The Penmon68 The Penmon68
The Garendon68 The Garendon68
The Darley73 The Darley73
The Blenheim59
The Belnheim59
The Bardsey73
The Bardsey73
British Lever Drain British Lever Drain
Victorian Drain
Victorian Drain
#97 Freestanding Tub Filler
Spec. sheet

Freestanding Supply Lines Rigid Freestanding Supply Lines
#28 Freestanding Tub Filler
#28 Freestanding Tub Filler
#97 Wall Mounted Tub Filler
Wall Mounted Victoriana Faucet

Rigid Supply Lines