Combining the Old with the New, Penhaglion offers a truly exclusive perspective on beautiful bathtubs

All of our tub package prices include free curbside delivery 48 States. For shipping World Wide, please email us for rates.

Most of our manufacturing is performed at our facility in St.Petersburg, Florida. We employ artisans skilled in the production of complex, intricate designs who are totally conversant with more exotic materials such as bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminum.

The artists in our finishing shop are totally at ease with and fully adept at creating different patina finishes regardless of the material involved, from verdigris copper, aged stainless to grey/blue and weathered brass, we can offer what your imagination desires. We have also developed some finishing techniques totally exclusive to Penhaglion such as our very popular 'aged chrome'

To discuss your personal preferences, or perhaps your own special design, please call us on 1.888.397.7477

We look forward to hearing from you.