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Article 5: Code Acceptance for Bathtubs – North America -January 23, 2016

While many local government departments may require some specific requirements for their local areas, the following general regulations apply to most bathtubs that are installed in the USA and Canada.

Bathtubs must be designed and manufactured in accordance with relevant ASME, ANSI and/or CSA engineering specifications. This is to create good practice among manufacturers and to make sure that performance levels such as tubs draining correctly, overflows working correctly etc. as well as good general strength and durability are maintained.

Since manufacturers are not allowed to self-certify and testing and final acceptance must be completed through a Government recognized testing laboratory that specializes in this field of approvals. Acceptance of a product allows the manufacturer to use the cUPC stamp of approval. These approvals are renewed annually and manufacturers are subject to undisclosed, periodic inspections. While cUPC approvals are widely accepted throughout the USA and Canada, the state of Massachusetts does require that all bathtubs are also MA accepted. Most manufacturers with cUPC approvals will also have MA acceptance on their products.

One strange anomaly for bathtubs is that all cast iron bathtubs require a slip resistant floor. While acrylic tubs may just be as slippery as cast iron, to date, the regulations have not been changed to make slip resistance essential for acrylic tubs.